What's Your Wavelength?
I'm sure you've heard or used the words "you're on my wavelength" when a special connection with a person was felt. Is there a science to measuring spiritual, mental 
and emotional wavelenthgs? 
One of the best and easiest is Numerology. 
Did you know that your close friends, mentors and 
relatives often share one very important birth number 
with you? They literally resonate at the same frequency 
as you. 

Your musical numbers' chords sound "in harmony" on 
some deep level. 

Without even realizing it, you hook up with people who 
resonate to your soul's wavelength - sing the same music. 

When you share the same 
number frequency with another person, you bond with him 
or her by virtue of experiencing similar interests, 
lessons and attitudes. 

Within families you can usually detect a distinct 
"Numerology DNA Code" - one number or a couple of numbers 
you share. 

People with the same Numerology Code bond over a 
specific wavelength and can delve into similar 
information and experiences that pertain uniquely to 
them. They have a unique "vibration zone" and share a 
"private frequency" with its own language. 

Your hearts and minds join in a field of resonance that 
is revealed by your shared numerology profile. Your 
lives even can have a sense of synchronicity! 

All this is measurable within each person's numerology 

Knowing your own code allows you to connect deeply 
with your special wavelength. 

Did you know you can ALSO use your code to 
manifest abundance? 

This is how it works: Your soul's divine code is 
contained in your three important Birth Numbers. These interact with your 
current monthly and yearly personal cycles and 
universal cycles. 

Knowing how these numbers integrate with each other at 
any time allows you to enrich your life and plan your 
goals in a myriad of ways.