What is Numerology and WHY is it so important for my life? 

Numerology has two definitions.

The first is one you may have already heard:

“Numerology is the study of the mystical properties of numbers.”

And although that is true… that does not reveal its full meaning or power.

My definition:

Numerology is the study of the patterns of the Universe.

Numbers are actually symbols or placeholders for describing the fundamental archetypes, behaviors or functions of Divine Intelligence (a.k.a. the Universe, Source, God, Consciousness, The Field, All-that-is, etc.)

Numerology is the metaphysical mathematical equation of how “spirit” comes through you – into the physical world. In fact, the ancient philosophers and founding mathematicians who discovered and developed our number systems recognized that numbers were something else altogether; the fingerprints of a Creative Genius.

By studying the patterns in nature and the cosmos, the ancients saw evidence of a holistic order behind existence; one that can be measured and deciphered.

Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician and philosopher who lived 2500 years ago (who many consider to be the founding father of modern-day Numerology,) devoted his life to the pursuit and discovery of these number patterns.

Pythagoras discovered that each number represented not only a quantity, but a quality as well. From his travels through southern Europe, Africa and the Middle East, he was able to trace back the roots of Numerology (of which some believe go back 10,000 years) and apply it not only to the advancement of science, but also to our individual meaning and purpose.

He developed an exclusive mystery school in southern Italy devoted to using the study of numbers to find out the strengths and potentials of himself and his students. He found that these Number Archetypes permeated all matter, including each individual.

You already know these archetypes INTIMATELY:

The King/Queen/Executive/CEO? That is the Archetype put into motion by the Number 8.

The Sidekick/Peacemaker/Diplomat? That is the Archetype of the Number 2.

What about the Mother/Father/Caregiver? All from the Archetype of the Number 6.

Through your birth name and birth date, Numerology can determine the patterns of archetypal power you possess in your 6 digit Life Purpose Code.