Today's full moon brings a harbinger of beautiful 

It falls on the 25th and lies at 7 degrees Virgo. The 
exact number is actually 7:24 which adds up to 13.

Let's look at these numbers and what they mean in 
relation to Mercury retrograde, which began on 
Saturday, February 23.

25/7 and 7 degrees magnifies number 7.

7 asks you to reflect and listen to your inner voice 
for any insights and hunches - not to turn to others or 
the outside for answers. With Mercury retrograde the 
importance of receiving and intuition are even greater.

In fact ALL the Mercury retrogrades for 2013 occur in 
deeply feeling feminine 'water' signs of Pisces 
(currently), Cancer and Scorpio.

Since 2013 activates the Divine Feminine number 13 
as well as the family, feelings and abundance number 
6 (giving birth to creation of all kinds), we have here a 
powerful message to trust our feelings, welcome the 
feminine energies into our daily life and cleanse 
ourselves of emotional blockages.

The year of Abundance invites you to open up to peace, 
to beauty and to love.

Do you love your life?

Ask yourself that question ... know that your prosperity 
depends on it.

It may only be February but there is SO much going on 
already in your astro-numerology cycles!