Today's Big New Moon Solar Eclipse
Today's new moon, which occurs at shortly after 10 pm 
Universal Time, is very special. 

1. This is a New Moon Solar Eclipse 
2. It is a Super Moon 
3. It happens on the 13th. 

Today's astro-numerology is very, very potent. It calls 
you to step up and step into your divine, unlimited 


The effect on us is huge. And the big theme is release. 

Any limits you feel are self-created. They arise from a 
belief that there is a limited supply of love, 
abundance, peace. 

There are NO limits in our universe. 

Any obstacles you believe exist only exist in your own 

The 13th brings a major transformation - moving us from 
a belief that there are limits into a state of being 
where we are creators in an unlimited, eternally 
abundant universe. 

13 is about life, death and transformation. 

Scorpio symbolizes rebirth. 

Be open to NEW perspectives. 

Be authentic and heart-centered. 

This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio rules our most 
secret desires, our hidden inner resources and 
strengths, our creative and sexual passions. 

Look at what is holding you back? 

What is keeping you from being in a truly passionate 

Look at those thoughts. Look at your beliefs. 

Live YOUR truth. Be true to YOU. 

Let no person hold you back. Only surround yourself by 
people who are there for you - unconditionally. Release 
all others. 

And by all means, forget about what anyone else thinks 
about your decisions! Be strong in the face of peer 
pressure, which pulls you into mediocrity and 

Yes, this does mean you may have let go of things and 
people and even places that no longer serve you. 

Now is the time to release it all. 

Know you are taken care of. 

Know you are a divine creator. 

This current cycle is pulling you into a higher 

Surrender and let go. 

Scorpio and 13 symbolize purging your shadow side. 

Find out how you personally are stuck, and what you can 
do about it. Discover your personal road map to true 
abundance - inside and out. 

We are all connected. We are all in this together. 

Step through the gates into Freedom!