The Truth in Your Name
Lance Armstrong is in the news again. This time we are 
hearing from insiders who were punished for speaking 
out years ago. 

Let's look at how several current names have affected 
this story. 

His name 'Lance Armstrong' resonates to the 
Victim/Victimizer number - 12/3. I never recommend 12 

as a current name number. 

Lance, as it turns out, does not only feel victimized, 
he took on the role as victimizer as well. 

One of his former aides, Irish masseuse Emma O'Reilly, 
spoke out about his performance enhancing drug use back 
in 2003 and was slapped with a lawsuit. Armstrong 
publicly called her a prostitute and an alcoholic. 

Many of Armstrong's teammates have testified that the 
star bullied them into doping, supplied them with drugs 
and then left their careers in shambles. 

Of course his super-inflated ego was fueled by his 
highly challenging current name. 

Armstrong was born on the 18th -- a 9 Day. 

His Life Purpose is 36 -- another 9. 

His Destiny Number, based on his birth name, is 90 -- 
another 9. 

Even his Personal Shift Number is a 9. 

So he is carrying a quadruple 9! 

9s are always emulated. 9 is the 'king of numbers' and 
brings a great responsibility because people follow 
your lead. You HAVE to walk your talk with this number 
or face great challenges in the long run. 9s carry the 
wisdom of all the previous numbers. 

This wisdom is symbolized by the big circle on the top 
of 9 - an enlightened mind. 

However, the shadow side also exists with this and 
every number. 

For number 9 the shadow most often appears as an 
inflated sense of self - a big ego. 

In Lance Armstrong's case the ego is way out of 

Not surprisingly, Armstrong's code was activated in the 
numerology cycles of the actual month that the findings 
were made public for the first time. It was June, 2012. 

Lance was in a 21/3 Personal Year at that time. 

21 stands for 'the truth shall set you free.' 

21 is also the mirror reversal of his current name, a 

And June was a 27 Personal Month for Lance - which 
means he was experiencing a 9! 

So his quadruple 9s were activated in June, 2012 in 
conjunction with the 21 Truth number. Which also 
encapsulates our 21st century... 

Oh, and let's not forget, we are in the 12th year of 
the century, activating his 12 name as well. 

Additional names in this story concern his cancer 
charity 'Livestrong', which adds up to 39. When you add 
3+9 the sum is also 12. Many in this community are 
having a hard time believing the findings concerning 
Armstrong. However, even they will have to come to 
terms with the truth. 

As for Emma O'Reilly, she's had a very challenging time 
since speaking out 9 years ago. 

Her current name adds up to 18 - a highly challenging 
name number. 18 in a name attracts martyrdom. Another 
warning with an 18 name is deception from others. 

In each one of these cases I would recommend a 
different spelling. 

Every letter corresponds to a number, so by eliminating 
or adding or changing just ONE letter you affect how 
easy - or difficult' - it is for you to fulfill your 

Numerology is map of your Soul's spiritual numbers 
code. It describes how you feel, what motivates you, 
what your gifts are and what you are here to learn. It 
affects you every day of your life. 

Make sure that this one very important part of your 
code - your current name - supports YOU. 

Your name is your spiritual calling card. Make it a 
positive one!