Super-Charged New Moon

April 10th launches a pivotal New Moon signifying major 
Everything about this new moon points to embracing new beginnings.
Here is the stunning astro-numerology code:
-- April's New Moon occurs on 4.10.2013 which adds up
to an 11 Universal Date. 11 is double 1 = Double new

-- 11 symbolizes a gateway into the unknown. Two 1's
representing a column each, create a door through which
you walk into the light of your future reality.

-- April 10 activates 10 - the "Instant Manifestation"

-- 10 reduces to 1 (1+0 = 1) which is the number of new

-- April is aligned with Aries. BOTH April and Aries
begin with the letter "A" - the First letter in our
Western Alphabet. 1 is a number of new Action and
Forward Movement.

-- Aries is the traditional 1st sign in the zodiac
signifying Spring and new beginnings.

-- This New Moon occurs while FIVE Planets are in
Aries: Sun, Moon, Uranus, Venus and Mars, so it is
action packed.

Finally, the planet Pluto, governing power and the
unseen, is 'stationed' (at a standstill) and about to
go retrograde. Whenever a planet changes course, its
influence is magnified.

So the astro-numerology for both the New Moon
and Pluto bring rebirth, restructuring and renewal,
which means our consciousness is undergoing an

It feels like we are feng-shuing our life.

Watch the dissipation and deconstruction of the past.

Watch the new growth and immense self-understanding
bubbling up - often in surprising ways.

Embrace new ideas, new friends, new discoveries.

It can be unsettling, yes. But it's also the most
incredible time to totally "get" WHO you are and
WHAT you're here to do.

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