The child was born on 6th February 2013 which makes him a Number 6 (Venus) person in numerology. He is an Aquarian (ruler Saturn – Number 8) while his ‘destiny’ number adds up to Number 5 (Mercury)
Talking about his personality and traits he states “He will grow up to be very good looking, smooth talker, overtly honest (to the point of being understood), loving and a caring boy; but will also have traits like aggression, stubbornness, ego and short temperedness in him if rubbed in the wrong way.
On the positive side, the presence of Jupiter (guru) in the fifth house and Moon (Chandra) in the eleventh house indicates a ‘Gajkesari yog’ which will give him all the benefits in life.
The child is born under the ‘Jyestha Nakshatra’ and ‘Vyaghata Yog’ which are not considered auspicious. The presence of ‘Saturn (shani) and Rahu’ in his tenth house makes it a ‘Shrapit yog’ which may spoil relations with his father and also create inheritance issues in the long run. Also, the ‘kaal sarp dosh’ in the chart indicates road blocks, obstacles and negative influence in whatever he would intend to do. To eradicate these ‘doshas’, special ‘pujas’ needs to be done for each one of them at earliest.
His ‘rashi’ (moon sign) is ‘Vrishchik’ (Scorpio) and so his name should either begin with the alphabet ‘N’ or ‘Y’.
On the career front, he will choose to follow his father’s footsteps and would enter in a creative industry as he will be drawn in all professions related to the world of arts.
Here’s wishing the lovely couple a rejoicing time and a healthy and wealthy life in the future for the new born.