10346196_745699072160434_5578512068054270680_nOriginal silver navgrah bracelet costs 10000 rs.Properties of various gemstones are known to mankind from ancient times, even Emperor Akbar named his ministers Navratna..
Navgrah Bracelet brings peace success prosperity luck happiness..

Functions of all 9 stones worn together
ruby (manik) - for confidence success in work
green emerald (panna) - business
yellow sapphire (pukhraj) - job
cats eye (lahsuniya) - protects u from negative energy.
diamond (heera) - love sex luxurious life
blue sapphire (neelam) - sudden success job 
hessonite (gomed) - good health.
red coral (monga) - good married life
pearl (moti) - mental peace.

Anyone can wear navgrah bracelet or navgrah locket..