No 8 stands in symbolism for the planet Saturn, born on 8 17 26 also born on 21 st December to 26th January, 26th jan to feb26th , much misunderstood in their lives , lonely at heart . inviduality , if at all religious they go to extremes , if they take up any cause they attempt to carry out inspite of arguments or opposition and in doing so they make bitter enemies . hide their feelings and allow people to think just what they please, warm hearts towards the oppressed of all classes. Great successors , or great failures, if ambitious they aim for high positions in govt . if not to suffer sorrows, losses, and humiliations,. , Other side represents philosophic thought, strong leaning towards occult studies religious devotion, concentration of purpose , zeal for any cause esposed,If their lives are based on pursuit of grace and godliness they will experience great miracles in their life . all those born on 8 17 26 and whose destiny no is eight are ruled by Saturn , not desired for mundane success . significies trials , small mistakes will bring dangerous situations , keep on worrying constantly, never manage to acquire a lifestyle befitting their intelligence, status and worthiness , qualities of mercy , compassion , forbearance, opposition against social injustice, religious sentiments, excellence in finearts et all undesirable thoughts were haunting them . Theft , prostitution, fraud, murder , plunder, forgery , priting fake currecy and the like. Bernard shaw 26 greatest desire was to become a robber or a dacoit . great mental strength , clear mind and intelligence . they are often lost in thought . biggest fraud of this number will pretend to be smiling all the time. They will never be satisfied , become bold and daring only after they succeed in life . do not trust others or their own selves and will be careful in dealing with others , very balanced , with common sense , they will consider themselves unique in the world , make very few friends cowards next to number 2 Youth will be filled with problems, most suffer loss of parents in childhood , they have to struggle for each and everything should be careful at 8 17 26 35 44 years as great dangers may occur some will live long but with problems, some others will meet a sudden end , they are often made responsible for the fault of others , trust and make friends with 1 4 8. Executive ability, authority, direction, supervision, efficiency, organization, judgement,materialism , management, administrative competence, histrionic talent, success in a large organization in industry politics, engineering, or civil construction, flair for property dealings, printing and publishing, travel and tourism, sports , musems etc, intelligence , serviceableness, success in public speaking and scientific knowledge. Sorrowful, lonliness , delay , hurdles, obstacles, low class people, poverty, dirtiness and low class ideas. Darkness, ignorance, cold , extremities in religion and spirituality , revolution, anarchy, rebellion and upheaval , fanaticism , undemonstrative and hiding , extremely lacking In luck , hospitalization , imprisonment and excile , underground and mafia activities, slavery, life away from home, losses, wastage, murders and murderers, tragic incidents, and misunderstandings , adulteration , black or blue colours , west

Persons born on 8 th : love peaceful lives , make efforts to achieve many things, religions, occultism, and philosophy attract their minds . the flesh will yearn for wordly pleasures while the spirit will lean towards sacrifice , restless , hardworking , upright lives, capable of performing impossible tasks , strive hard for social reforms.
Persons born on 17th: if these people are not rich by birth , they strive hard to achieve such a status, if the name number is favourable , they amass great wealth and enjoy all comforts of life. Do not earn through honourable means to satisfy their base desires. Persons born on 26th : less fortune than 8 17 , by the time they are 17th they will lose either one or both their parents imaginative powers , humour and intelligence , attain wealth and fame in their old age., even during adolescence, they will meet obstacles in their education and future development. , generally blamed for the faults of others and earn lot of enemies , 

Negative effects : overwork and little time for personal matters , over ambitiousness, too much materialism, strain and tension , lack of humanitarianism towards others, impatience with others and tragedy of fate. 
The brain is active and sharp, they weigh their speech carefully, patient and untiring , work for long on a problem , extreme sense of discipline and dutifulness, love music cautious about their future, and take decisions thoughtfully, creative , productive and domineering, feel lonely at heart , likely to be misunderstood. 
Delay in achieveing financial stability , which they achieve rather late in life. Trust very few , despite preoccupations they icur losses and are robbed by their servants, they should avoid drugs of all kinds. 
Married life : no 8 husband : usually he does not have any desire to get married , and is not much attracted to girls, prefers to be alone, marries at a very late age , often makes his married life miserable , very orthodox and does not allow his wife to have modern ideas or wear modern dresses . this creates disappointment in his wife and dislike for her husband . 
No 8 wife : she has a masculine personality , she is systematic, enjoys family life and likes to make sacrifices for her children and husband . she lacks feminine warmth, delicacy and sentiment. 
Lucky colours : all light colours,brown. 

Number 8 is a number of darkness and light, conflict and resolution and teaches some hard lessons. It is ruled by Saturn and I have seen people born under this number to achieve success after a lot of struggle, rise to great heights and fall very deeply as well. It rules those who are born on the 8th, 17th or 26th of the month. 

If Saturn is well placed in the chart then it will give people born under this number, wisdom, depth, a strong sense of fair play and a detached and balanced view of life. It makes people born leaders and organizers. But if Saturn is not well placed, it will make the person born under this number, a pessimist, easily misunderstood, very lonely and complex. It makes ailments chronic and tilts people towards depression. It can also delay the fruition of desires, and give legal troubles. Most people with Saturn dominant in their charts are reserved and old souls even in their youth.

Most number 8 people are not naturally lucky, and are mostly self-made. At their worst they can be unforgiving and at times vindictive, but when Saturn is well placed they take their losses with grace. It is hard for number 8 people to easily confide in others. That is why they tend to stifle their frustrations inside and become distant. They usually find it hard to spend money, even on themselves, tend to be loners but those who win their trust can be assured they have a friend for life. 

They look at life as black and white, and usually face some major catastrophes and tragedies. From a worldly perspective this is not a very lucky number to be born under, as they often face great losses and humiliations.

Number 8s should keep an eye on dates that start or add up to a 4 or an 8 and guard against negativity during those dates.

Number 8 people tend to be prone to liver and intestinal infections as well as anal and private part infections, arthritis and migraines. They should avoid meats and live on fruit, herbs and vegetables.