Born on 2 11 20 29 and having destiny no as 2 are no 2 people.
No 2 stands in symbolism for moon . it has feminine attributes of the sun . 1 and 2 are opposite in their characteristics their vibrations are harmonious and they make good combinations. Gentle, imaginative, artistic and romantic inventive, but they are not forceful in implementing their ideas.People born between 20th june

 to 27th july are no 2 people. , restless unsettled, lack of continuity lack of self confidence, over sensitive , gest despondent leaves hopes melancholy ( disappointment) if they are not in happy surroundings. Either extremely good or bad. Imaginative, reflections, intuition, doubts, quest for truth , imagination, dreaming, fantasies, bizzaire events , unique new and even unnatural ideas, violet thoughts, about future, fluctuating nature, spiritiuality self confidence take them to success, dependency, neither they trust themselves nor others easily ,habit of doing everything by themselves not practical fickle mindness mental instability, argumentive type, unsocial when opposed become submissive, cowards at heart replicate the style and habit of friends , keep on thinking again and again become confused , dominate those who are submissive, lazy , slow small problem appears to be tragedy and lead to lunacy(madness) suicide by drowning , occult powers, by thinking of their guru, strange power in the body, prediction by intuition . averse to crowd and fame never succeed in making friends. Friends take help and are unfaithful . desertion by people at crucial stage .find faults, suspicion nature avoid unnecessary assignments, Inferiority complex , ups and down , excellent skills in hospitality public relations , advisory skills, copying and imitating habits Diplomacy, love, soothing conduct, cooperation, association, friendliness, healing, modesty, harmony, unity, appreciation of beauty and art , occult and spiritual forces, popular in social and romantic fields ,drinking water is good . 

persons born on 2nd: high imaginative powers, lofty (high ) ideas, afraid of others, mild mannered peaceful people, ideas of social reforms, averse to violence and bloodshed keep calm even disappointed also 

peson born on 11 th: more faith in god , confidence in themselves is the secret of their achievement , compromise and great regard for friendship . 

persons born on 20th : powerful imagination helped by providence (savings) , world will accept them as leaders and worship divine souls. 

Persons born on 29th : averse to peace and comprosmise born to lead others life miserable , unnecessary quarrels and arguments, endless arguments, selfish , cowards at heart,negative opinion – litigations , magicians, witchcraft, legal profession is successful

Negative effects: over sensitive, easily hurt, delicate ego , dependent on encouragement for progress. False notion of ghosts, neatness, sea, flowers, sky , seanery, natural beauty love , change , like long travel. , after 38 success , wealth ,property by own efforts or through marriage. Uneasiness worry and sleeplessness. Moody ,changeable, sensitive, patient and adjust to circumstances. 

Married life : self confidence , faith in god bring them good married life , others are quarrelsome.

Lucky colours : white , light green, bright yellow & cream