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Movie Prediction GUNDAY
GUNDAY will be hit.
2 & 7 always go hand in hand.
2014 which adds to 7 is good for 2 & 7.
Title GUNDAY adds to 20 (2).
Ranveer Singh (6th July 1985) and Arjun Kapoor (26th June 1985) are both Cancerians (ruler Moon and Ketu – Numbers 2 and 7) by their sun-signs.
Their chemistry will be loved by all.
Priyanka Chopra (18th July 1982) is also a Cancerian(ruler 2 & 7) and even her performance will be well received.
Irrfan Khan is no.7 (7th January 1967)
So movie title is compatible with all the actors.
Producer Aditya Chopra (21st May 1971) in his 43rd (7) year too.