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Movie Prediction ENTERTAINMENT
Entertainment will be hit at box office & will earn 100 crores like Holiday.
Noone beats Akshay Kumar in comedy genre.
Even the title of the film has been corrected numerologically from its entertainment to entertainment.
ENTERTAINMENT adds to lucky no. 50 (5) of mercury.
Family audience will love the film & it will be sure shot success at box office.
Akshay Kumar (9th September 1967) is a virgo ruled by no. 5 mercury also his destiny no. is 5 (by adding full dob 9/9/1967) which is compatible with the title of the movie.
So he will be able to attract crowd in hordes.
His chemistry with dog will be loved.
Johnny Lever is also no. 5 (14th August 1957) will be highly appreciated.
One of the director Farhad is also no. 5 (5th May 1974) will make a successful debut.