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Miley Cyrus Challenging Name

Born On November 23, 1992.She is no. 5 (media) person in numerology
Her destiny no. is 1 (sum total of full dob) which makes her go getter & wanna be on top.
Her name adds to uncertain treachery no. 29.
Miley Cyrus was raised in the Hollywood spotlight. 

Three weeks ago Miley caused an uproar at the MTV music 
awards. No surprise there. She sang a song by Robin Thick
entitled “Blurred Lines”… 

This spectacle was followed by the release of her video 
‘Wrecking Ball’ in which she supposedly appears almost 
completely naked. 

Well, as we know, nudity sells. 

No surprise then that “Wrecking Ball” was the first 
time Miley scored a No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. 

At the same time she called off her engagement to her 

It’s no surprise that Miley is a wild child, confused 
and distracted from her true purpose. We’ll look at the 
driving force in her current life in a moment. 

First, a quick rundown of her most important birth 

Miley’s numerology birth code reveals her innate drive 
and her adept use of the media. 

Her Life Purpose Number 28 (derived from adding all the 
digits of a person’s birthday) is a number showing 
great promise, even genius quality. 28 reduces to 10 
and 1, showing her drive for the No. 1 position. 

However 28 also indicates Miley can trust the wrong 
people and may have powerful opposition in both her 
personal and business life. 

She was born on the 23rd, the “Royal Star of the Lion” 

23 gives her plenty of strength and courage. It also 
favors ALL media pursuits, including TV, publishing and 
music because 23 adds up to 5 – the communication 
number aligned with media. 5 is also associated with 
large crowds and magnetism. 

So the promise in her birth code reveals an intense 
drive for success using the media in some capacity. 

Why has it been such a controversial and difficult road 
for Miley? 

To see HOW a birth promise will unfold, look no further 
than a person’s CURRENT name. 

Your current name frequency shows how easily, or 
difficult, it is to express and manifest your authentic 
soul purpose. 

For Miley, as expected, the current name “Miley Cyrus” 
resonates to a very challenging number -29-11/2. 

People with 11 current names have a constant sense of 
division, unfulfillment and incompletion running 
through their lives. These people have a hard time 
making decisions because they may refuse to see the 
other side, which results in disharmony. 

11 current names also attract treachery from others. 

I certainly feel that Miley Cyrus has been exploited by 
her handlers and parents. 

With her challenging current name Miley will always 
experience a non-stop pattern of internal and external 
challenges resulting in a lack of peace, harmony and 

Every current name emits frequency, which carries a 
specific message. 

If your current name is challenging, you will have a 
harder time fulfilling the promise revealed in your 
soul’s astro-numerology birth code. 

With a fortunate name, obstacles and interferences are 

So, you ALWAYS want to make sure your personal and 
business names are infusing your life with positive, 
supportive energy. 

It makes EVERYTHING so much easier and fun! 

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