Mehrunissa is now Pehle Aap Janab

Mehrunissa renamed as Pehle Aap Janab
Mehrunissa adds to 35 (8) unlucky no. of saturn its shooting delayed & there were many hassles.
now new title Pehle Aap Janab adds to 46(1) very lucky no. of sun.
There's popular English saying 'What's in a name'? But if the name is 'Mehrunissa', there's lots to do with the name. For starters, Mehrunissa is the name of Sudhir Mishra's ambitious film that stars Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor and Chitraganda Singh. 

The recent update is that the title of the film has now undergone a name change from Mehrunissa to Pehle Aap Janab, which was confirmed by Sudhir himself.