Krrish 3 Poster.jpg

KRRISH 3 will be super hit.
Title adds to 18(9) of mars which is a no. of destruction wars not a good name no. to give to clients. It generally associates a person with bitter quarrels, social upheavals, revolution and in some cases; it indicates making money and position through wars.Deception.
But the plot of the film is good v/s bad which goes completely in sync with vibration of title.
Release Date is 1st Nov. 2013.
Super Hero Hrithik Roshan is also no.1(10 Jan) he will win the hearts of audience by doing full justice to his triple roles.Release Date is his lucky no.
2013 adds to 6 good year for 3 6 9 Title is 9.
Priyanka Chopra is no.9 (18th July)
Rakesh Roshan is no.6 (6th September)
Vivek Oberoi is no.3 (3rd September)
All will be praised for their work & their luck is also going to help film.