Kai Po Che (adds to lucky no. 32 will be hit) Decent Opening Zilla Ghaziabad(adds to unlucky no.40(4) of rahu will struggle at box office) Dull Opening
Koi Po Che had a decent opening of around 40-55% while Zilla Ghaziabad was dull across the board with around 20% Kai Po Che was helped by good collections in the premium multiplex areas of Mumbai, Pune and Delhi NCR though some other parts of the country like UP and Punjab were low. The film had no face value but the promotion created awareness especially in the big cities where collections are much better.

Zilla Ghaziabad was dull in the morning and stands no chance at the box office as a film like Kai Po Che can improve as the day goes along but Zilla Ghaziabad being an action film has limited upside.