JAB TAK HAI JAAN will be all time blockbuster.
can come close to 200 crore.
JAB TAK HAI JAAN adds to 8.
8 is no. of extreme.
This year 2012 is good for 5 & 8.
Movie's big premiere will be held on 12th nov.
which adds to 3 & Producer Aditya Chopra is no.3(21st May 1971) he is gemini ruled by 5 & his destiny no. is 8.
Release date of the film is 13th November 2012 (Tuesday)
Tue is ruled by 9

 mangal.srk is also scorpion ruled by 9.
Compound number arrived by adding this date(13/11/2012) is Number 2 (Moon) & srk is also no.2(2nd November 1965) running in his luckiest 47th(2) year.
JTHJ also adds to 11 which adds to 2.
The leading lady Katrina Kaif is a Number 7 person (16th July 1984) running in her lucky 29th(2) year and is a ‘Cancerian’ (ruler Numbers 2 and 7). This film will just showcase Katrina in a different light and further seal her stardom.
Anushka Sharma is no.1(May 1, 1988) running in her lucky 25th(7) year.This one will simply catapult her career in a different league altogether.