Is Joy Contagious? 5 Steps to Greater Abundance
It described from a science perspective why some people 
focus on the negative. 

In the past, genetics were attributed to emotional 
perception like depression, but new studies shed a 
different light. 

Though genes do play a part in emotional disposition, 
risk is greatly increased by negative thinking. 

Researches observed 103 pairs of college freshmen (206 
people) who were roommates, who were randomly chosen. 
They found that one roommate’s emotional perception was 
significantly influenced by the other roommate. 

Prior to this study scientists thought that emotional 
perception did not change much after early adolescence 
was passed. 

However, during any big transition in life (such as 
entering college, moving, giving birth, marriage, 
divorce, new job, new relationship, etc) when a person 
is exposed to new paradigms and social expectations, 
there is a great increase of being deeply influenced by 
the emotional perception of the people you surround 
yourself with. 

“Our findings are consistent with a growing number of 
studies that have found that many psychological and 
biological factors previously thought to be set in 
stone by adulthood continue to be malleable,” the 
researchers said in the article. 

This is GREAT news! 

And right now you have the power to make that shift. 

2013 is a 6 Universal Year which governs your closest 
relationships, family, home, love and your perception 
of money, finances and prosperity. 

can far more easily: 

1. Decide WHO is supporting your highest good – and who 
is not.

2. Decide WHERE to place your focus – on trivial 
matters or on endeavors that help your soul to greater

3. Decide HOW you will spend every moment of your day.

4. Decide WHEN your abundance goals will be activated 
by creating a step-by-step plan.

5. Decide WHY you are here – how to express your gifts. 

Notice how you feel as you read these 5 steps. 

If you’re a bit uncomfortable, that is GOOD news! 
Because fear points to directly to the solution. 

In other words, notice which points you feel challenged 
by. Embrace the message - it is your gift. What you 
most fear is precisely what you must focus on in order 
to elevate your life. 

Walk towards your fear and inevitably a lightness 
envelopes you - and joy follows. 

Joy is just as contagious as negativity! I actually 
have come to realize joy is far more contagious. 

We are all feeling an energetic shift. Make the most of 
this period - a continuation and building upon the 
21.12.2012 portal that opened so magnificently at the 
end of last year. 

"Joy" resonates to number 9 in the ancient Chaldean system
I use for current names. In the Pythagorean system, used 
for your birth name, "Joy" adds up to 14/5. 

These are the numbers for unconditional love and freedom.

This means that JOY shifts you through unconditional 

Love yourself by making decisions that support your 
highest good. Watch the amazing shifts you feel as a 
result of every change you make, every new perception
on life you experience. 

Use My Numerology report to check your 
current name frequency - a challenging name will create 
many obstacles in your life.

Leverage your soul's gifts by discovering the secret personal
remedies to overcome your shadow issues, as revealed
in your Nadi KP Kundali. 

The direction of your life lies in your hands. And that can
only be good news!