I told someone who was living in london from 10 years well settled & also has citizenship of that country that u have yog in ur kundali to come back to ur home country that is India in aug. 2014.I told him in jan. 2014. He said no sir ur all predictions may be correct but this one will not. As I enjoy here life is good here I have property work everything here. Today he called me to tell that sir I am in India.I have to leave that country forever.I am banned now from that country.ur prediction was correct.I will live in India now.I am coming to meet u.he was always nice & honest man.but due to bad time got fix in some fraud case.due to court case n all he had to leave london & come back to India. In his kundali there was only yog to live in foreign country for 10 years. Pranam To Nadi KP Astrology & Its Founders.