How astrology can help you?
Astrology is a kind of divination practised hundreds of years ago. In the olden days, kings use astrology to predict the results of solar and lunar eclipse, muhurtas or electional astrology to add celestial power to certain works like laying a foundation stone, building structures, marriage, buy conveyances like elephants or horses, oath ceremony or passing legacy of kings to their heirs during those days, when to attack an enemy, initiate literature works, do certain pujas or rituals to appease god, spirits, ancestors, grimones, manes, mystical entities when their influence on earth is powerful and can be seen or felt by a gifted psychic and connect your spirit or aura with those entities.

In modern times, astrology can be used to know the trend of a particular person, country, certain events, weather and gambling, electional purposes or specific muhurtas to initiate certain work.

It can be used to know the good and bad periods or phase of a particular person horoscope. The golden and doom periods, afflictions, bad yogas or combinations, planet transit on particular houses, signs or asterism and its effects on an individual.

Your horoscope or chart, gives a clue about your destiny, fortune, karma, free will, bad past karmas which cannot be neutralized or eliminated fully and its malefic aspect can only be reduced to a certain extent.

You can know the bad and good, golden periods in your life and plan in advance or take precautions to avert some dangers by following certain astrology principles, warnings, in which form problems can be expected, health, wealth, career, love life, job, promotion, accidents, litigation, court case, conspiracy, treachery, betrayal, mystical realm, enemies and how to overcome them, when and how to acquire home, cars, movable and immovable assets.

Astrological reason for a particular situation. Overcome depression, tension, human tendencies, win the grace of god or family deity, divine intervention, education, children, spouse, partner, job/business, rich/poor yogas, mass followers, glamour, modelling or entertainment industry, hidden pursuits, things which you don’t know about yourself in this life like mystery,death, spirit conjuration, secret affairs, speculation, gambling occult, foreign trip, visa and foreign settlement, politics, minister, president, casanova, secret amusements, stock market, weather and country trends.

Astrology can be used as a tool determine all these things and many more. It is like a GPS navigator of life, and these trends can be determined by a good and experienced astrologer