Happy Birthday To My Favorite Actor Akshay Kumar.
(3,6,9) is a family of no.
Akki is no.9 born on September 9, 1967.
Will Enter in his lucky 48th(3) year of Jupiter.
Jupiter is a planet of expansion & wealth & wisdom & knowledge.
Its biggest planet in universe.
Akshay Kumar will expand his production house his talent his choice of films.will become more wise & will earn lots of money this year.
Being a Number 9, Akki is full of energy, stamina, power, vibrancy and aggression. That’s why he does not refrain from doing his action scenes or performing daredevil stunts in most of his movies by himself.
Wearing a Red Coral in gold on his ring finger on a Tuesday morning (one hour after sunrise) will ensure that there are no health related issues and shall keep him raring to go as always.
Here's Wishing Akshay Kumar a great & successful year ahead.