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Happy Bday Narendra Modi (17/9, Name Number-41=5).
No 5, Mercury is Virgo Ruler too.
Now Narendra Modi is entering in his 65th(2) year.although 2 is enemy of 8.
But 2 also represents creativity & spirituality.
Expect Modi to become more creative & spiritual this year.
4 reasons why I picked Narendra Modi 2 years ago when there was no Namo Wave-
1) Rahul Gandhi was in his 44th year during Elections.
2) Rahul's Signature ends with a dot that appears as a 
Full-Stop at the end.
3) Modi was in his 64th (1, Sun, Leadership) year!
4) On the basis of prashna kundali horary chart.
Incidentally both our PM's are No 8's whose name added to Auspicious Numbers.
Dr Manmohan Singh (Name Number-1, Sun)