Govinda still11.jpg

Happy Bday Govinda.

No 3's can become 'Zero Se Hero! This Virar ka chhokra has come a long way!

A firm believer, he dropped 'Ahuja' to use 'Govinda' that adds to 27 (9). Even his nick name, Chi Chi adds to 9!

3,6,9 a family, not only did he share a great on-screen chemistry, he also had a long standing affair with fellow No 3, Rani Mukherji (21/3) who is now incidentally linked with another No 3, Aditya Chopra (21/5)!

He also 'Partnered' well with No 9, Salman (3,6,9).

Set to enter his 51st (6, Venus, Entertainment), I expect a Comeback!