If u add full dob then ur destiny no. arrives.
for example if someone is born on 24/6/1980.his destiny no. will be 3.(2+4+6+1+9+8+0=3).
read the comments to know about the destiny no. 1 & 2.
will keep updating daily about other numbers.

 Destiny No... 1

 1 is Independence. Sooner they imbibe this quality, the better! Born leaders, pioneers and inventors, No.1s can be self-centred and stubborn. Others may easily take advantage of them. Progressive, determined Ones may come across as too egoistic to others. Yet, it's undeniable that they manage to make it big in life!

 Destiny No... 2 

 Gracious, charming and gregarious Destiny No. 2 ppl make great hosts, and are quick to put others at ease. Flings don't feature in their dictionaries, friendships do. They prefer permanent relationships and don't crave materialistic possessions. Sensitive to the need of others, they are often the proverbial power behind the throne and they prefer it that way Negative ones may try to become go-getter leaders but often don't like it much.