CHAKRAVYUH adds to 32 which adds to 5.
This year 2012 is good for no. 5 & 8.
So CHAKRAVYUH will be hit.
Manoj Bajpayee is no.5 (23rd April 1969)
Arjun Rampal is no.8 (26th November 1972) 
Film Release Date is 24th October 2012 (Wednesday) 
Wed. is ruled by 5 too.
Prakash Jha is a no.9 & Piscean (27th February 1960) ruled by Jupiter (Number 3).
Release Date is lucky for Prakash Jha & Abhay Deol.

The ‘destiny’ number arrived by adding actor Abhay Deol’s date of birth is Number 5 again (15th March 1976).
Performance of all the actors will be liked.
Film will work amongst its target audience.