Boss (2013 Hindi film) Theatrical Poster.jpg

BOSS will be hit
As Title adds to 15 (6) Venus No. of Entertainment.
From Title it looks it will be wholesome entertainer.
(3,6,9) is a family of no. 2013 also adds to 6.
Akshay Kumar is no.9 (9th September)
Title is compatible with him.Akshay will rock it.
Release date is 16th October 2013.16 adds to 7.
2 & 7 always goes hand in hand.
Ronit Roy is no.2 (11th October) will be loved as villian.
Danny is no.7 (25th February) he will be loved as Big Boss & Mithun Da is also no.7 (16 June) They all are compatible with release date.