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Birthday predictions for RANI MUKERJI
Rani was born on 21st March 1978 which makes her a Number 3 (Jupiter) person in numerology. She is an Arian (ruler Mars – Number 9) by her sun sign and her destiny number adds up to Number 4 (Rahu). 
Being a Number 3, Rani is ruled by one of the most powerful planets – Jupiter and she can truly be termed as ‘plain lucky’. With her unconventional looks, short height and husky voice, who could have ever thought that she would make it so big in the world of movies ?. Her ‘mars’ effect makes her a fighter and too hard working as a person and I think, that has paid off big time in her case. The impact of ‘Rahu’ makes her lose focus, direction and therefore her financial planning may go haywire, so she should invest wisely for her future.
Rani will now be entering in her lucky 36th(9) year which clearly indicates the ‘wedding bells’ in her chart and hence she should settle down before the end of this year without further delay.
Her ‘jodi’ with Adi is a good one although they might face some ego clashes at times and so wearing a Hessonite on her middle finger on a Saturday night (two hours after sunset) will help her with better clarity of mind and right decision making.
On the film front, her appearance in ‘Bombay Talkies' (short film) will be much appreciated.