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Birthday prediction for JOHN ABRAHAM
John was born on 17th December 1972 which makes him a Number 8 (Saturn) person in numerology. Being a Sagittarian, he is ruled by Number 3 (Jupiter) and his ‘destiny’ number also adds up to the same number which means he is doubly ruled by Jupiter. Too good.
Being a Number 8, John is a fighter for life and would never give up on anything so easily. He has been through some real ups and downs in his professional life but he is still around and here to stay. Luckily, he is ruled by the most powerful planet Jupiter twice, so his finances would only improve with each passing year given the fact that he takes the right decisions. Although he is very practical and calculative, he can also be of the generous kinds at times and can often get duped of his money. He should be careful that nobody is riding high on his money and taking him for granted, and that’s why, partnership business of any kind should also be avoided.
John will now be entering the 43rd year of his life which indicates a great time ahead of him – be it in his professional or personal life.
Yes, 2015 may prove to be John’s year with all his films namely ‘Welcome Back’, ‘Rocky Handsome’, ‘Mumbai Saga’, ‘Jazbaa’ and Rohit Dhawan’s untitled next doing well at the box office and also earning him accolades for his performance. Not only that, his production house will also grow bigger and deliver quality films just like it has been doing in the past.
On the personal front as well, there might be some ‘good news’ on the anvil with wife Priya Runchal.
Wearing a Yellow Sapphire above 4 carats to be set in gold on his right hand index finger on a Thursday evening (one hour before sunset) will help him achieve the right balance between leading different lives i.e. as an actor, producer and a family man.