At the moment you take your first breath, your numbers' 
code is born.

Hidden within this sacred code is the formula of your 
soul's true essence and the map of your personal cycles 
during life on Earth.

Deciphering this code brings major opportunities and 

In 2013, a 6 Universal Year, the focus on wellbeing and 
abundance has never been greater. You are 'birthing' 
new feelings, igniting passions and firing up your soul 

Your physical home, represented by your body and your 
home, wants your attention.

Family and close friends will play a big part in your 

And, in 2013... your passion to be of service triggers an 
energy exchange of abundance.

In other words, abundance is created as a result of a 
passionate energy exchange between you and the 
universe. Especially this year!

In 2013, the year that the Divine Law of Abundance is 
activated, you can translate abundance goals into reality 
much more easily.


Because, in conjunction with the 6 Universal Year of 
Abundance (2+0+1+3 = 6), we are also experiencing the
13th year of the century. 13(4) attracts transformation 
and physical manifestation.

Imagine bridging your fears and overcoming regret once 
and for all!

Imagine trusting your gut feeling, paying attention to 
the truth, listening to your true calling - and ACTING 
on your purpose.

Merging Astro-Numerology and Abundance has never been 
easier than in 2013!

In 2013 trusting in your divine gifts and the 
bounty they bring will be much more natural for you. 
After a tumultuous 2012, you can now trust and honor 
the passionate, ecstatic yearning inside of you... you 
CAN feel alive, be happy and live abundantly!