2013 adds to 6 Venus planet of peace, harmony, beauty, luxury and entertainment.

It will be great year for people born on 6 15 24 of any month & those born in Taurus and Libra sign.

it will be good year for no. 3,6,8 & 9.

Europe & Asia adds to 6.they will do well in 2013.

Use 2013 while writing the year & not 13.

Diamond is good for investment purpose.

refrain from over-indulgence in the good things of life as it can make us complacent, lazy, pleasure-loving and unhealthy. 
Industries related to luxury of every kind like social networking sites, {FB, Twitter} mobiles, gadgets, electronics, spa’s, resorts, tourism, hotels, restaurants, multiplexes, real estate, infrastructure, media, entertainment, jewellery, beauty parlor & products are also expected to do well. 
Happy New Year Friends.