13th - Truth vs. Fiction
Welcome to a rebirth – a start of something wonderful
and new!

At first it’s difficult to be thankful for challenges
that force us to change… but once you welcome all
experiences without judging them (you DID attract
them!), there is nothing that can hold you back from
success and happiness.

Of course in most cultures we have been taught that the
number 13 is a ‘bad’ number and Friday the 13th brings
unlucky events.

Not true!

Actually, if you are ready and eager to shift, the
complete opposite is true. Furthermore, the reasons for
casting 13 in a negative light must be understood,
especially in 2013.

13 is the number of life, death and transformation. A
powerful frequency, it is aligned with the divine

In essence, 13 represents the divine power to create,
to give birth.

Here is a breakdown:

You have the number 1, symbolizing beginnings and
independent action.

Number 3 represents creative perfection – the mother,
father child principle of creation.

1 plus 3 adds up to number 4 which stands for grounding
your manifestation into physical reality here on Earth.
Making it REAL!

13 is a very mystical and most misunderstood number. It
gives you tremendous power to both create and to
destroy. Just like the four seasons are symbolized by
13 week cycles and the moon has 13 cycles in one year,
this number is directly connected to the rhythm of life
and death here on Earth.

13 got its bad rap from our fear of death. In reality
the ‘death’ signified by number 13 is about release and
rebirth - not physical death.

But most of us don’t like to change. We don’t like old
habits to die. We hold on for dear life – and suffer
the consequences.

Change is a natural part of life. Without it, we can’t

Today say goodbye to useless, rigid beliefs and ideas,
people who aren’t supportive of you and your goals, and
a career you have outgrown.

In a 13 cycle, whether it’s a month, year or a day,
unexpected events will give you permission to let go
and release it all.

So welcome change today!

Use the power inherent in this number to leave
something of value. Welcome new people, fresh ideas,
stimulating new conditions.

Be grateful for any shift.

By adapting to creation in a graceful way, you bring
out the strength of number 13. Trust the universe
always – it brings you what you need to grow and thrive
in any given moment.

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