12.21.2012 = LIGHT
One of the main clues about the end of Mayan calendar 
date on 12.21.2012 is hidden in the numerology code. 

1+2+2+1+2+0+1+2 = 11 

11 is a gateway signifying double beginnings. 

When you walk through a gateway you leave behind the 
past as you know it and enter a new realm of 

Since our solar system is aligning with the center of 
our galaxy we are looking at our very core, the essence 
of who we are and where we are from. 

The core of our galaxy is a core of white light. 

LIGHT adds up to 11 in the Pythagorean system of 

We will be facing the Light (11) of our origins on 
12.21.2012, an 11 Universal Date! 

It is a time of en-lightenment. 

The light at the core of our galaxy is not transparent 
like the light from our sun. Sunlight casts shadows and 
is a bright, brilliant light. 

Light from the center of the galaxy casts no shadow as 
sunlight does. 

It is primal light - radiant and soft. It has a 
physical substance and is not transparent like 
sunlight. This primal, galactic light is divine 
inspiration - and it gives you a spiritual power surge 
when you join with it. 

Primal light is alive and can only be experienced. It 
communicates with you. 

Number 11 adds up to the root number 2 and 2 governs 
communication, listening and relationships. 

On 12.21.2012, as we face the core of our galaxy, we 
have a spectacular opportunity to go within - to reach 
to the core of our soul and communicate with our primal 

Between the 21st and 23rd of December, take time to 
be out in nature and/or in a quiet place. Perceive this 
primal light. Feel the divine energy contained within 
it. Listen to what the light communicates to you. 

11 is a number of "initiation" symbolized by walking 
through the two columns into the light. We are all 
joining together in this divine ceremony. 

Let's all celebrate joining with the primal Light - our 
original power source.