Sita mata
Oil Colour Painting Of Sita Mata In Huge Size.
This is the historical painting of Sita Mata by my late grandfather famous artist of India Shri Kewal Krishna Sharma.This painting is made about 50 years back by him.Its raja ravi varma style painting.this painting is very much liked by ex president R Venkatraman & Late Shri Ramanand Sagar who made Ramayana.He personally visited our residence to see this painting & was spellbound after seeing this painting & written about 2 pages in appreciation of this painting.

Historical Background Of This Painting.
This painting is very historical.when sita mata went to vanvas for 14 years along with lord rama & laxman.she was having only one saree of yellow colour which she was wearing.& some foul smell started coming from her that time sati ansuiya applied perfume/itr named ang raag on her clothes.the fragrance of her clothes was so much around the atmosphere that bhanwara started coming towards sita mata to have the taste of fragrance which is shown beautifully in the painting.This story is depicted in Ramayana also