To learn Astrology- To know when what will happen, when one will get money, when one will fall sick, when one will recover, when one will marry, when one will have a child, when one will die, and all events of any ones Life - is nothing Great.
But to get access to such Knowledge, one must be "Eligible".
And to become "Eligible" is not an ordinary task but takes many Life times.
What does "Eligiblity" mean? It means that one must be dutiful towards his duties, be morally and ethically right in thoughts deeds and actions, be a virtous man, as mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita by lord Krishna.
Unfortunately most of us are still struggling with the perforation of our inner beings, with Kaam, Krodha, Lobha and moha. Till we are cleared completely of this, The lord we worship cannot enter and take seat in our hearts. And until He sits there,we cannot gain access to the Supernatural "Knowledge of Knowing Destiny before Hand".
The more one clears his psyche and being of these Unwanted qualities, the better will his astrology become.
Let us strive to introspect on a continuous basis and remove the undesirable traits and feelings in our personality and become better and better astrologers as we attain success gradually in our above motto and motive of becoming a better person day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year.. At times we may falter, does not matter, as we are humans, but we must get up and begin again...