The deepest laws of astrology were first discovered in India. In fact it was only because of astrology that mathematics was born. To make astrological calculations, first mathematics was needed.

If you look at Krishnamurti's kundali some time, you will be surprised. If Annie Besant or Leadbeater had cared to look at Krishnamurti's birth chart then they would have seen that to work with Krishnamurti was wrong because his birth chart clearly shows that to whichever organization Krishnamurti belongs, he will be its destroyer. It shows that whichever organization he belongs to, he will bring about its disintegration; whichever organization he joins, it will die. But Annie Besant was not ready to accept this. No one could think such a thing -- but this is the way it happened.

The Theosophical movement tried to groom Krishnamurti as its leader. Theosophy made such an effort on Krishnamurti's behalf that the movement died forever. Annie Besant created a big organization called the Star of the East, just for Krishnamurti. Then one day, after having inspired the organization, Krishnamurti separated himself from it. Annie Besant had surrendered her entire life in order to put the organization on its feet, and destroyed herself over it. But for this Krishnamurti cannot be blamed. The star under whose influence he was born clearly announced that he would be a destructive and disruptive force within any organization.

The future is not utterly uncertain. Our knowledge is uncertain.