As a numerologist, I have discovered there is a powerful corelation between your success and will power and your SIGNATURE. SO IS YOUR SIGNATURE CORRECT?????????? I HAVE GIVEN BELOW FREE TIPS ON HOW TO ENHANCE YOUR SIGNATURE STYLE!

Signature is very important in each and every legal document in our life. This represents our personality and personal inward beauty. It is equally important to correct our unnoticed mistakes in our signature.
These are the points to have it in mind when we do our signatures.


1. Signature should be readable.

2. How you create your sign is very important (starting from the bottom or top)

3. First letter, Surname and formation of the letters should be kept in mind.

4. No Nick names should be there in your signature. 

5. Name and signature should have the same frequency.

6. Put a single line under your name. (For stability in life)

7. NEVER put a double line.

8. NO dot should be there. (This dot will put a full stop in your life)

9. Formation of letters should not be reversed.

10. NO reverse line.
11. NO Circle. . No letter to be enclosed in a circle.

12. Dot should be this (.) not be this (o ) ,with this type of dot (o) you are restricting yourself to take an initiative.

13. Level of letters should be equal.
14. The signature should always be upward.

15. Letters should never overlap.

16. Gap between name and surname should be appropriate.

17. Full signature should not be in capital letters.

18. Signature should be always with your popular name.

19. Always remember you have only one signature because signature is your trademark.

20. Signature number frequency should be compatible with your date of birth.